Human Memory Management: Techniques For Actionable Security Research
//Published: October 11, 2023
//How to utilize an atomic note taking system to effectively research new topics and advance your career.

Zero Effort Private Key Compromise: Abusing SSH-Agent For Lateral Movement
//Published: August 18, 2023
//A walkthrough of compromising private keys in SSH-Agent for post-exploitation lateral movement shenanigans.

How I Got Hired On Google's Red Team
//Published: July 1, 2023
//A summary of all the information I learned while looking for new jobs and how I ended up getting hired on Google's red team.

Why I'm Learning Rust
//Published: March 21, 2023
//Why I'm Learning Rust For Security Work In 2023

My 2022 Security Year In Review
//Published: December 31, 2022
//Looking back on 2022 and looking forward into 2023: What I learned and what I hope to learn.

Wandering Vagrant: A Crash Course in Vagrant Virtual Machines
//Published: December 15, 2022
//A crash course of all the disparate knowledge I wish I had when I first delved into Vagrant

WSR: #27: October 31st - November 6th 2022
//Published: November 6, 2022
//Passing GCED, Mastodon, and Rust

WSR: #26: October 24th - 30th 2022
//Published: October 30, 2022
//I've been busy, here is what I was working on.

WSR: #25: August 21th - 28th 2022
//Published: August 28, 2022
//CTFs, GCED, and Youtube Videos

Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Should You Get A Master's Degree In CyberSecurity?
//Published: July 31, 2022
//A discussion of the pros and cons of getting a masters degree in the cybersecurity field.

WSR: #24: July 11th - 17th 2022
//Published: July 17, 2022
//GCIA, Selfhosted Backup Server, and Scapy

WSR: #23: July 4th - 10th 2022
//Published: July 4, 2022
//GPYC,eBPF, and some bash scripts

WSR: #22: June 20th - 26th 2022
//Published: June 26, 2022
//Getting back into the swing of things

WSR: #21: June 6th - 12th 2022
//Published: June 12, 2022
//I'm back. Sorta.

WSR: #20: May 9th - 15th 2022
//Published: May 15, 2022
//GSTRT, Mindmaps, and Resumes

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