WSR: #20: May 9th - 15th 2022

GSTRT, Mindmaps, and Resumes

Published: May 15, 2022

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This Week’s Recap

  • No roundup last week because I was traveling to San Diego for Wild West Hackin Fest. What a great conference.



  • Began the GSTRT material by watching the on demand lectures.
  • Made this mindmap for how I study for SANS courses


  • Finished the first section of GSTRT on demand videos.
  • Finished creating my resume in LaTeX.
  • Experimenting with a new system from tracking all the courses/training/learning I want to do.
    • Added a new calendar just called training that has listed out all the training/learning I want to do (projecting about a month or so out).
    • This includes everything from certs, masters program courses, and other ways of learning such as hack the box prolabs I want to do.
    • The goal of this is not to study every day that is marked, but instead is (hopefully) something I can use to limit the amount of task switching I am doing. Currently I waste a lot of time switching from all my ongoing projects which leads to a lack of progress on all of them. For example, the situation that lead me to creating this training calendar was I noticed myself switching between: Looking at Offshore, PNPT Studying, GSTRT Studying, Looking at buying CRTO, all while working a full time job. This is not sustainable. Thus, pretty calendar:


  • Decided to try out waking up early to get all my studying (for my masters program and just reading blogs, doing ctfs, etc ) out of the way BEFORE work. I realized that coming home from work and task switching between certs, masters, and other misc learning was not sustainable.
  • Began the second section of GSTRT material titled “Defined Current State: Strategic Roadmap Development”
    • While the GSTRT material is not the most riveting material, the case study discussions are very interesting.
  • Finished the “Develop the Plan” section of the GSTRT
  • Picked up an extended mag for my thinkpad by rooting 40 boxes with FMJ


  • Discovered the SANS “Gold” program where you can write whitepapers and have them published. Might do this in the future.
  • Finished the rest of the “Strategic Roadmap Development” section of GSTRT
  • Indexed the first two books of GSTRT
  • Did some final resume editing. Very happy to see the career progress I’ve made recently.


  • Did a giveaway on twitter for 2 TCM Academy and 1 no starch press book.
  • Released GTFOCheck which is a python script forked from t0thkr1s tool. This fork basically just allows you to check a list of binaries to see if they’re in gtfobins instead of checking one at a time.


  • Published this blog :)

Have any questions

Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me on twitter. See you next Sunday. :)