WSR: #19: April 25th - May 1st 2022

Prepping for WWHF and learning C

Published: May 1, 2022

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This Week’s Recap


  • Got access to the SANS GSTRT (Strategic planning, policy, and leadership) material. Went through the first hour or so of training.
    • This is my first non-technical SANS class for my masters program. While I’m not super excited about the content, I’ve learned that the less excited I am about learning something, the more I actually probably need to learn it.
  • Started looking at different books and resources to begin learning how to program in C. I’ve had a few people ask my why I chose C so I thought I would elaborate here:
    1. My goal (as of now) is to go down the rabbit hole of red teaming/adversary emulation and while learning C might be a challenge right now, I think at the very least it will help me better understand how to interact with an operating system at a lower level.
    2. Learning a complied language is something that will undoubtedly be useful at some point in my career. Python is great but being able to compile and run something on a target machine is very appealing.
  • Watched this episode of talkin bout infosec news


  • Worked on my presentation for WWHF. (Which is next week!!!)
  • Went over some more GSTRT info.


  • Ordered Effective C
  • Completed the first four module of codecademy’s C programming course.
    • Hello world ✔️
    • Variables ✔️
    • Operators ✔️
    • Conditionals ✔️


  • Finished the the next four modules of codecademy’s C programming course.
    • Loops and errors ✔️
    • Arrays and strings ✔️
    • Pointers and memory ✔️
    • Functions ✔️️
  • Tried to find some good workflows for developing C in VIM but have yet to find anything great yet.


  • Bought The Art of Clean Code. Hopefully I’ll have time to dive into this soon.
    • It is very interesting to see the overlap (and differences) of different languages. Learning C has made me appreciate how easy python scripting made things.
    • I remember watching a stream from @theprimeagen where he broke down how he thinks about solving a problem using code and he mentioned how its less about the language and more about how you approach solving it.
  • Spent a lot of time working on my wild west hackin fest presentation.
  • Watched John Hammond’s video on Ghidra for reverse engineering


  • Spent most of the day getting IRL things done so I can not have to worry about them when at Wild West Hackin Fest
  • Finished the rest of my presentation for WWHF.


  • Practiced my WWHF presentation to make sure I can get it into 15 minutes
  • Published this blog :)

Have any questions

Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me on twitter. See you next Sunday. :)