WSR: #15: March 28th - April 3rd 2022

Blackhat CFP, Python PoCs, and LaTex

Published: April 3, 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This Week’s Recap


Watched BHIS - Talkin’ Bout [infosec] News 2022-03-28

  • Did a lot of messing around in python this week.
  • Made this little demo program that will take a youtube URL as an argument, grab the title (using BeautifulSoup) and display it in a nice little table.

  • Did some messing around with Rich which is a cool python library for making things pretty


  • Next, I wanted to create something a little more practical so I started messing around with the AWS SDK for python (Which for some reason is called boto3)
  • I realized I dislike working with cloud SDKs but technically I got a proof of concept working. Looks cool. Do not want to continue working on it though.


  • I’ve been prepping for giving my first con talk by watching a TON of security talks. This one stands out as one of the best I’ve seen. Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible? by James Mickens
  • Spent a few hours working on my upcoming talk at wild west hackin’ fest. At the very least this is going to be an entertaining talk. My current screen has 4 windows open. superSmashBrosCharacterSelectScreen.png, an arrest warrant, a network diagram, and google slides. This is all relevant to my talk somehow.


  • Realized I’ve been using tldr more than I’ve been using man pages.
  • Tldr is essentially what I am always looking for from man pages. Basically just common command syntax.

  • Also learned about from @_rybaz which is very similar to tldr but allows you to just use curl


  • Rewrote my entire resume using LaTex. What a thrilling friday night. Also LaTex is amazing. Also I don’t understand LaTeX.



  • Spent just about all day re-writing up a presentation for blackhat’s call for papers. Submitted it before it random disappeared again…

  • Published this blog :)

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